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giovedì 6 ottobre 2016

Gefira: Target 2, perche' in Europa presto risaremo daccapo come nel 2012

Un pajo di link al forse, attualmente, principale problema in Europa (ok, a parte le sofferenze vere e proprie delle banche, italiane e Deutsche per prime.. ma poi alla fine magari sono due facce della stessa medaglia): la fuga di capitali verso "il nord".

GEFIRA (Via Zero Hedge) - TARGET2 Shows Europe's Banking Crisis Is Escalating Again (Fast)
Problems of Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Monte dei Paschi and other German, Italian and Spanish banks are not the only concern of the European Banking System. Trouble is much deeper than it is thought because there is a systemic imbalance that has been increasing for almost ten years. Politicians do not want to tell us the truth, but soon we will experience the same crisis in the Monetary Union as we did in 2012
The extent of the problems in the European Banking System is TARGET2 and its balances of the National Central Banks of the Eurosystem. These balances, or rather imbalances, reflect the direction of the capital flight. And there is only one way: from Southern Europe into Germany. After Mario Draghi’s famous words “I do whatever it takes to save the euro”, things seemed to improve; however, since January 2015 problems have been escalating again.

TARGET2, (i.e. Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System), is a clearing system which allows commercial banks in Europe to conduct payment transactions in the euro through National Central Banks (NCB) and the European Central Bank (ECB).


MishTalk - Capital Flight in Italy, Spain Intensifies: Italy Target2 Balance Hits Record Negative, Spain Close Behind

Record di sempre per i flussi in fuga dall'Italia .... Hei! M'e' semlato di vedere Barrai li in basso a sx!

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