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sabato 18 giugno 2016

Ultimi sondaggi sulla Brexit: Leave in crescita ?!

USA Today:

Sondaggio sul #Brexit prima e dopo assassinio Jo Cox
Remain - cala dal 40 al 32%
Leave - stabile al 52%


Ieri la probabilità di Brexit assegnata dai mercati delle scommesse aveva toccato il max al 43%. Oggi è scesa al 32%

Zero Hedge:

First Brexit Poll After Jo Cox Death Reveals Stunning Result
JPMorgan hinted before the close that was not the case and now, as USA Today reports, the first post-Cox poll reveals a shocking swing in "Remain" voters... 
British support for remaining in the European Union has weakened in the wake of the murder of the pro-EU politician Jo Cox, according to an online research company Friday. 
Qriously, a London-based technology start-up that gathers data and intelligence about consumers through mobile phone apps, found that backing among likely voters for Britain's EU membership has dropped to 32% from 40% before her death. 
The poll was based on 1,992 British adults surveyed on June 13-16, and then 1,002 on June 17 — the day after Cox was shot and killed in northern England. The start-up claims to have held the first such survey on the topic since the lawmaker's slaying. Most of Qriously’s surveys are done for corporate brands and it has not been previously conducted an EU referendum poll. 
Respondents were asked: "Imagine the EU referendum were held today. Would you vote for the U.K. to remain a member of the European Union, or leave the European Union?" They were given three options: "Remain in the EU," "Leave the EU," or "Don't know."
With news that The Times newspaper has come out in support of the "Remain" campaign (while The Sun, The Spectator, and The Telegraph all support "Leave"), the fact that Qriously found that 52% will vote to leave the bloc in a national referendum on June 23 (unchanged from before the parliamentarian's death) is telling to the social divide in Britain, but the weakening support for remaining in the EU coincided with a large move toward "Don't know," which leaped to 16% from 9% before Cox's assassination.

Investment Week:

Lord Rothschild: Brexit would be 'damaging and disorderly'
Rothschild (pictured), who chairs the RIT Capital Partners investment trust, refers to his family businesses which originated with five brothers setting up the "first truly international banking system," operating from London, Paris, Vienna, Naples and Frankfurt at the end of the 18th century. (...) 

Beh, se lo dice Lord Rothschild che il Brexit nun s'haddafare... sara' nel suo nostro interesse che non avvenga.


IMF urges ‘strong collective action’ by EU
Beh, se lo dice la Lagarde e il Fondo Monetario Internazionale che il Brexit nun s'haddafare... sara' nel suo nostro interesse che non avvenga.

ADN Kronos:

Brexit, Padoan: "Nessun rischio specifico per le banche italiane"

Ah, be, se lo dice Padoa'n ... nel senso che rischiano come tutte le altre?

European Bank Stocks On The Ledge

..mmm... mi sorge un dubbio. Ma se i banchieri dicono no al Brexit ... se la paura del Brexit fa tanto male alle banche ... che sia che l'UE, questa UE, e' nata per le banche? Naaa, chevvado a pensa'

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