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venerdì 27 maggio 2016

Black: Questo sorprendente asset ha sovraperformato l'azionario ed i bond per 27 anni

Sovereign Man - This surprise asset outperformed stocks and bonds for 27 years

I first got involved in agriculture several years ago when I acquired a large farm in central Chile and saw first hand how much wealth (both physical and financial) could be created.

Planting fruit trees on raw land, for example, is like any other successful startup.

It took Facebook and Google a few years to get their businesses off the ground before they could start producing positive cashflow.

Agriculture can be the same way: it takes a bit of time for the trees to grow. But after a few years, they’ll produce fruit (and profits) for decades to come.

The key difference is that with agriculture, nature does most of the heavy lifting.

Plus, every single person on the planet needs to eat. Not even Facebook and Google have that kind of reach.

This is what makes agriculture such a great investment.

(...) The supply of arable farmland, especially on a per-capita basis, declines every year.

And many major agriculture-producing regions around the world are experiencing extreme water crises.

Yet at the same time, world population growth creates greater demand for food, and rising wealth in developing nations drives more food consumption per person.

(...) With such obvious fundamentals, it seems clear that agriculture is a great long-term investment.

It has been that way for a while. As we’ve discussed before, apple trees have outperformed Apple stock for decades.

Even something as mundane as timber outperformed conventional asset classes like stocks and bonds for 27 years. (...)

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