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mercoledì 13 aprile 2016

Durden: I traders in opzioni sull'oro estendono le loro scommesse rialziste come non succedeva dal 2009

Zero Hedge - Gold Options Traders Extend Longest Bullish Streak Since 2009 
Amid gold's best start to a year since 1974, options traders continue to bet on more gains
(...) As Bloomberg notes this is the longest streak of bullish "skew" since June 2009, after which gold took off from $900 to $1900.

hmmm, la piu' lunga serie di scommesse rialziste dal giugno 2009, quando poi l'oro sali' da 900 a 1900 dollari/oncia ... 

And most notably, the "excess" skew has been wrung out, just as it did in mid-2009, providing considerably less "short-squeeze" ammo for any speculative downswing attack
Charts: Bloomberg

Mannaggia ad Armstrong ... ;D

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