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mercoledì 3 febbraio 2016

Sagami: Quanto il SuperDollaro pesa sulle compagnie americane

Bel post ripreso dai Tylers su come il SuperDollaro pesa sulle Corp americane .. forse un po' datato visto oggi e quello che forse ci attende a breve (EUR sino a 1,20 su USD?):

Dollar Casualty #1: Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark sells a lot of Huggies diapers all around the world. However, it reported that its 2015 revenues were down by 6%. Worse yet, it warned Wall Street that its 2016 revenues would fall by another 3%.
That sounds like business is bad, but Kimberly-Clark is actually pulling in more sales than ever. It is just the currency impact that makes its business look awful—if it weren’t for the effect of the strong US dollar, management said sales would actually be up 3%–5%.

Dollar Casualty #2: Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble gets 60% of its revenues from outside of North America, so it is one of the most vulnerable companies to a rising US dollar.
The company reported a 9% drop in quarterly revenues to $16.9 billion because of the dollar.

Dollar Casualty #3: Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson said its revenues were reduced by 7.5% in 2015 by currency losses.

Dollar Casualty #4: Monsanto

Monsanto is the world's largest seed company and gets 43% of its revenues from outside the US. The company just reported a loss for the fourth quarter of 2015, citing the strong dollar as one of the main reasons. It also cut its 2016 profit forecast from $4.44–$5.01 per share to $4.12–$4.79 per share.

Dollar Casualty #5: DuPont

Chemical company DuPont reported a quarterly loss of $0.29 per share, compared with a net income of $0.74 per share a year earlier. Sales slid 9.3% to $5.3 billion, but without the effect of the strong dollar, sales would have been down only 1%.
A 1% decline isn’t good, but a 9.3% is horrendous.

Dollar Casualty #6: 3M

3M, the maker of Post-it Notes, gets about two-thirds of its revenues from outside the US, and that global reach has cost it dearly. 3M reported an 8.3% drop in profits to $1.66 per share and expects the currency effects to reduce this year’s earnings by 5%.

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