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lunedì 1 febbraio 2016

Middelkoop: The End Of Plan A. The Big Reset & $8000 Gold

I Tylers - che non mi pajono i piu' naif in giro - mettono questo video addirittura in primo piano ora, intervista a Willem Middelkoop, autore di The Big Reset.

"By revaluing gold to a much higher level, to over $8000 an ounce, central bankers solve quite a lot of problems"  
17:00 - "But we know Plan A - the current financial system - will end soon, we can't go on this way... so we need a monetary reset... and a revaluation of gold has helped central bankers in the past, such as Roosevelt in the 1930s. It would help to restore the balance sheet of The Federal Reserve." 
But there are problems... 
21:00 - "It always ends in inflation.. certainly in 2016, we can expect more QE... and when that does not defeat deflation (driven by global over-indebtedness), further unorthodox measures will be taken (helicopter money).. and eventually a gold revaluation."

Il post dei Tylers (e altri video) lo trovi QUI

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