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sabato 2 gennaio 2016

Gold.A.E. (Dubai): Aaaaaand it's gone! It's all gone

Sta succedendo qualcosa di grosso a Dubai, nel campo dell'oro .. o meglio, e' gia' successo negli ultimi mesi, parecchi mesi visto che i primi segni di problemi notevoli sono emersi a primavera scorsa, anche se ai clienti le rogne sono state notificate solo poco prima di Natale. Dai Tylers:

(...) the Turkish-Iranian gold smuggling ring - perhaps the biggest and most brazen in history, one which lasted for years, which saw billions in gold transported out of Turkey and into Iran to allow Tehran to circumvent the western financial sanctions using gold as a medium for barter, and which was all made possible thanks to the tiny Emirate of Dubai.

What made this particular instance of gold smuggling especially memorable is that it reached to the very political top in both Turkey, and Iran, and Dubai.

Che Dubai fosse diventata un hub del commercio mondiale d'oro e' cosa nota e qualcuno avra' anche gia' sentito di come fosse diventata il centro dei commerci illegali di metallo giallo fra Turchia e Iran.  

I traffici d'oro dalla Turchia e verso l'Iran (Persia) - colpito dalle sanzioni americane gia' da decenni ormai, piu' di mezzo secolo visto che le nazionalizzazioni delle riserve petrolifere risalgono a Mossadegh e al 1951 - e' stato per lungo tempo uno dei casi piu' famosi e sfacciati di contrabbando del metallo giallo, usato dai persiani per aggirare, almeno in parte, le sanzioni e i controlli su banche, swift e quant'altro. Si parla di miliardi di dollari in oro. 

Nel tempo questi traffici si sono raffinati e hanno spostato il loro centro su Dubai e, dicono i Tylers, il controllo di questi scambi raggiunge i vertici politici dei paesi coinvolti, quelli turchi come anche quelli persiani e dell'Emirato.

Bene. Pare che il centro di questi traffici fosse la Gold.A.E., una sussidiaria della della Gold Holdings Ltd, compagnia a sua volta posseduta dalla SBK Business Holdings, in mano al numero due dell'Emirato, il figlio e consigliere dello sheicco-sultano di Dubai, bin khalifah Al Nahyan.

(...) the Dubai gold "trading" company of Gold.A.E. - is a subsidiary of Gold Holdings Ltd, a company which is owned by SBK Business Holdings and Abu Dhabi's second in command, the son and avisor to the ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheik Sultan bin khalifah Al Nahyan.

Mei cojons! il figlio dello scheicco! ... affidabilissima quindi, noh? No. Poco prima di Natale ecco che letterina arriva ai clienti della Gold.A.E.:

Dear Client

A group of minority shareholders of GOLD HOLDING suspected that there were questionable financial transactions being undertaken in Gold AE DMCC ("the Company"). Acting on these suspicions they initiated internal investigations. During the course of the investigations the entire then management team abruptly resigned with no notice. Since the majority shareholders also seemed to be unavailable, the minority shareholders did not accept this resignation. However, these persons went to DMCC, submitted their resignations and managed to get their visas cancelled.

Following this, in august 2015, Mr. Andre Gauthier has been appointed as the manager of the Company so that investigations continued and once completed necessary action can be taken to secure the interests of the clients and shareholders of the company. His appointment took effect from August 9 ,2015 . When he took over, new management realized that he now had access to more information concerning the activities of the previous management and, he realized that there had been substantial withdrawals from the company's account to the personal accounts of some of the management and the majority shareholders.

Management has also uncovered information with respect to the existence of a bank account with Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd in Switzerland in the name of the Company. An attempt has been made to approach this bank but, since none of the current management or minority shareholders are signatories to the account and, due to the stringent Swiss banking laws and regulations regarding confidentiality, no additional information or access has been provided by the bank.

In order to try and secure/recover monies that had been taken out of the accounts of the company, Mr. Gauthier in his capacity as manager has filed various cases as against the recipients of the funds from the Company (Dubai Police ( Bur Dubai Police Station), Case No: 24378). The minority shareholders are doing everything within their powers to support him in his efforts to recover these monies that were withdrawn from Gold AE in questionable circumstances.

DMCC has alleged that some of these activities undertaken by the previous management are in breach of DMCC's rules and as such they have taken the decision to terminate the license of the Company. We are working closely with DMCC to find a solution and in the meanwhile, we request that you bear with us. In the meanwhile, as a statutory consequence of the license being terminated, the trading platform of the Company has to shut down as of the date of termination of the license which is 24th November 2015.

We trust the forgoing is of assistance.


Caro cliente ... pare che il precedente management abbia fatto sparire soldi (e oro) della compagnia  .. il nuovo manager della compagnia, Mr. Gauthier, ha notificato la cosa alla polizia ... 

La cosa bella e' che come scrive un cliente della Gold.A.E. direttamente ai Tylers ...

I'm a client of Gold.ae and live in JLT, just a short distance from where the company had their office in Saba 1 Tower, Cluster E, so I was able to carry out reasonable due diligence (for this country) prior to making any investments in PM's. I understood that Gold.ae was under the patronage of the Dubai Royal Family and had received several awards in the UAE prior to my personal involvement. Of course there was absolutely nothing to suspect any wrongdoing at this time, in fact the contrary would be true. 
I did not trade with the company in the traditional sense of short term buying and selling but invested in Gold and Silver over a period of time with the view of holding for the long term. I was comfortable with this because the PM's were stored in the vault in Almas Tower (Almas meaning diamond in Arabic) under the guidance of DMCC. This vault was said to be the most secure in the region. My personal investment / loss is in the region of $ [redacted - hanno cancellato quanto era esposto il tipo in oro con la Gold.A.E.]. 
The first I heard about the recent failing of the company was on the 23rd of December, I did not receive the earlier email dated 16th December. The company made no attempt to contact me prior to that. I have however since been in regular contact with a senior manager, my 'source' who now works out of the Gold Holding office in DIFC. He has been very helpful in passing on information and has given me the contact number of Mr. Andre Gauthier, the new CEO. Interestingly, since you published your recent article he has stopped answering his mobile. Maybe you would like to try and speak with him on our behalf, his mobile number is: 00971 50 [redacted]. You may have more luck speaking with him than the clients suffering large losses! 
(...) My source has told me that he now understands that the company knew something was terribly wrong in the March - May period of this year, but it took until December for the company to notify their clients. One has to ask why nothing was done during this timeframe? My source has informed me the main individuals responsible for this are; Mohammed Abu Al Haj, Chairman and founder, Mohammed Ebdah, COO, Mohammed Adnan Younis, Sales Director and Rania, Board member. I've been told all involved are Jordanian, however, one has a Canadian passport, one has a US passport. As you know the management team conveniently resigned their positions and DMCC accepted to cancel their visas. Two of them have since set up separate companies in the UAE. 

Questo poraccio s'e mosso con contatti vari per capire quello che succedeva, vivendo, pare anche lui a Dubai, ed ha scoperto che c'era del marcio nell'Emirato gia' da marzo-maggio. Tutto e' stato tenuto nascosto per mesi e mesi .. come dicono i Tylers almeno nel caso dell'infame MF Global (gestita dall'ex Goldman Corzine) i clienti seppero di essere stati fottuti nel giro di pochi giorni:

Even MF Global had just a few days to inform its clients it had gone bankrupt and thousands of small commodity traders had been Corzined.

Ovviamente e' subito partito il balletto delle responsabilita', con i giornaloni locali tipo Arabian Business che si sono affrettati a tagliare ogni legame fra i i "reali" e le frodi - per quanto possa sembrare improbabile che le holdings non sapessero quello che stava succedendo nelle loro sussidiarie .. e infatti ecco che i Tylers, cercando sul sito della Gold Holding trovano anche il nome del capro espiatorio designato (ma magari e' colpevole davvero .. anche se non da solo), l'Abu Alhaj gia' (anche) CEO della Gold.A.E. :

Questa Gold Holding Ltd aveva progettoni sino all'altr'anno. 

This is what the October 2014 presentation boasted about Gold Holding's ambitions - nothing short of global gold commerce dominance:
  • To be a premier precious metals investment vehicle, physical.
  • To provide shareholders with high quality, long-term exposure to precious metals.
  • To offer mine owners an attractive alternative to debt or equity.
  • To be a significant and Reliable trader of Gold and Silver

Insomma, progettavano di diventare un vero e proprio hub mondiale non solo dell'investimento in oro fisico ma anche di lanciarsi nel settore minerario. divertente come davano per piu' rischiosi gli investimenti nel minerario mentre per praticamente sicurissimi quelli nella conservazione dell'oro dei clienti (hahaha!) 

we are getting closer to showing that we may indeed be looking at a case of not only massive corporate fraud, but even more troubling, a case of blame the other guy, when in reality the person accountable is one of the most important - and richest - people in the country, if not the entire middle eastern region.

Secondo i Tylers ci sono dentro tutti, tutti i piu' ricchi del paese se non di tutto il MO, altro che lo sfigatello di turno. 

Tz, i soliti pazzi. 

E peggio, senti che suggeriscono:

Russian gold no longer has to be denominated in US Dollars for transaction purposes. Instead, it can be denominated in Yuan.... as can Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina and Africa gold transactions, in the process bypassing the SWIFT payment system entirely, and all official traces and records that a gold transaction ever took place!

O-oooo ... rendevano possibile ai russi di vendere il loro oro senza passare dal Via, senza passare dal Dollaro della Fed e senza passare per il sistema SWIFT (per questo si muore ragazzo, non lo sai?), quotando il tutto in Yuan Renminbi (!).

Now this is simply stunning because over the past several years one of the biggest questions has been how did China smuggle thousands of tons of gold from around the world without the world, at least officially, noticing.

.. una delle domande che tutti si facevano, da qualche anno, dicono i Tylers, era proprio come facevano i cinesi a  raccattare migliaja di tonnellate d'oro da tutto il mondo senza che nessuno almeno ufficialmente, se ne rendesse conto 

Well, recall how this entire story first developed: it was all thanks to Dubai acting as a middleman in smuggling billions of dollars worth of gold from Turkey to Iran, without anyone noticing for years. Could it be that maybe this tiny yet ultra rich Emirate has also been instrumental in facilitating the transfer of tens of billions of dollars from the west (mostly the UK and Switzerland) but also every other gold producer, and into China? 
Because if so, it would promptly answer virtually every unanswered question about the global shadow, and very much undocumented, physical gold wave: one which takes the gold vaulted in the west, and moves it all the way as far east as Beijing... and all with Dubai's blessings?

Possibile che oltre a lavorare per il contrabbando di oro dalla Turchia alla Persia l'hub di Dubai si fosse messo a favorire il trasferimento di miliardi di dollari in oro da UK e CH ed altri verso la Cina?

Zero Hedge - The Mystery Of Dubai's Vaporized Gold: The Plot Thickens
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/27/2015

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  1. Da quello che vedo,
    mi sembra che sia proprio "impossibile" avere un mercato dell'oro "onesto".
    In america manipolano le quotazioni dell'oro;
    ad Hong Kong hanno fregato un sacco di gente con la borsa dell'oro,
    adesso anche a Dubai.

    Per chi ha la fortuna di potersi permettere di comprare oro,
    consiglio di verificare che sia oro puro e non tunghsteno placcato d'oro.

    Perché mi sembra che in questo settore ci sia una certa tendenza a fregare il prossimo!

    1. solo in questo settore?

    2. ... la cosa piu' interessante mi pare la possibilissima collaborazione di vertici del paese, a Dubai, con i globalisti, swiftisti, dollaristi di Washington e Langley ... long live king dollar !

    3. Consiglio, a chi ha soldi da investire, di comprare dei grossi fermacarte d'argento.
      A chi fa palestra: invece di comprare i dischi di ghisa, comprare quelli in argento.

      mi pare che la differenza di soldi non sia poi così tanta di questi tempi... :-)

    4. ... ma e' un'IDEONA! :D

  2. se c'è una cosa che sta finendo piu rapidamente del petrolio,
    e dei metalli,
    questa è la FIDUCIA

    dalle banche, ai "custodian", ai governi, ai "reali"
    di CHI ti puoi fidare, oggi?

    (post molto pregno, Er!)

    1. gia' ... della tua famiglia direi ..... ma non e' sempre vero nemmeno questo ;)