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lunedì 14 dicembre 2015

Black: La massiccia bolla del Dollaro e' cosi' evidente in questo paese

Black parla del Sud Africa, dove ora costa tutto una pipa di tabacco se paghi in Dollari della Fed:

When I did the math in my head last week, I had to pull out my phone’s calculator just to make sure I hadn’t mentally misplaced the decimal point.

It turns out I was right. My rental car in Cape Town would cost me just $8/day. And that included all the silly taxes and fees and nonsense.

Eight bucks. I imagine that the car depreciates more than that.

The rest of my time here has been filled with similar awe.

Dinner for two at a high-class restaurant along the oceanfront promenade in one of Cape Town’s most luxurious neighborhoods set me back about $30.

And that included wine, multiple courses, taxes, tip, the whole nine yards.

Nearly everywhere I see here is shockingly cheap… when I convert to dollars.

Grocery stores sell giant bags of food—fresh plums and peaches, for less than a dollar per kilo, or about 40 cents per pound.

And of course, one of the reasons I came here to begin with is because Round-the-World flights starting in South Africa are dirt-cheap.

My itinerary has me traveling from here to Australia, Asia, South America, the US, Europe, and back to South Africa, all for about $5,500. In business class.

A deal like that is absolutely unheard of. And it all comes down to the local currency, the South African rand.

It wasn’t that long ago that the rand was valued at about 8 per dollar. I remember coming here not too long ago when the rand was 6.

Today it takes more than 15 rand to buy a single US dollar– record low territory for the South African currency. (ecc...) 

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