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lunedì 19 ottobre 2015

WSJ: Il trading cinese sul rame scuote il mercato

Chinese investors hamstrung by stock-trading restrictions are piling into copper trading, a shift that analysts and traders say has distorted the global market for the metal. 
(...) The rising prominence of Chinese investors in the copper market is the latest example of the country’s increased heft in financial markets. In recent years, Chinese investors who used physical metals as collateral for bank loans were credited with driving up demand for copper, zinc and nickel and contributing to higher global prices. Now, some industry officials have said the heavy selling of copper futures in China has skewed prices so much that they no longer accurately reflect the supply and demand for a metal used in everything from iPhones to refrigerators.
I Cinesi, sottoposti a restrizioni nello scommettere sul ribasso della loro borsa azionaria, stanno traslando i loro short sul rame, distorcendo così anche questo mercato

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