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mercoledì 21 ottobre 2015

Lonmin prevede di licenziarne 6000

Uno dei più grossi miners in platino, la storica, imperiale London Mining (si chiamava LonRho, dove Rho stava per Rhodesia) prevede di lasciare a spasso / prepensionare 6000 lavoratori (suppongo che siano per lo più in Sud Africa). Da Citizen.co.za:

Platinum miner Lonmin Plc plans to raise US$400 million with a rights issue, restructure its debt and move ahead with slashing its workforce by up to 6,000 jobs. (...) 
Lonmin said it had reduced capital expenditure to US$136 million from a previous forecast of US$250 million. 
Lonmin said year platinum sales amounted to 751,560 platinum ounces, beating its own forecast of 730,000. (...) 
Like other mining companies hit by labour unrest and falling prices in recent years, Lonmin had already raise the fact it could reduce its workforce by as many as 6,000 through voluntary retrenchment and early retirement programmes. (...) 
Da Motley Fool
When it comes to a cheap valuation, Lonmin (LSE: LMI) is difficult to beat. Unlike Petrofac, its share price has slumped by 83% since the turn of the year and this means that the company now has a price to book value (P/B) ratio of just 0.1. This is incredibly low and, while asset writedowns are a real danger moving forward, there still appears to be a relatively wide margin of safety included in the company’s share price. 
Looking ahead, Lonmin is likely to benefit from the recent rise in the price of platinum, with the precious metal making gains of over 10% in a matter of weeks. Certainly, there is a risk that demand from diesel cars is hurt by the recent VW scandal but, with such a low valuation and with Lonmin due to post a narrower loss in each of the next two years, its risk/reward ratio seems to be relatively appealing.

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