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venerdì 30 ottobre 2015

Jesse: Bread and Circuses - Get Ready

Gold and silver were hit by a rather orderly bear raid today with the price declining throughout the day on a steady program of selling. It was most likely a follow up to the FOMC trying to knock down the open interest a bit more ahead of the key month of December. The Dollar was drifting lower today, so that provided no support for the metals bears. 
There was the usual slow bleed of silver out of The Bucket Shop warehouses, and a little more gold passed from the house account of HSBC to JPM. I notice that a little more gold was marked deliverable in the Nova warehouse, and one might speculate that this is some of the recently acquired gold by JPM still held in Nova's warehouse. 
Can't prove it without a warrant and a couple hairy-knuckled Federal lawmen to back it up, but I think it fits the model of JPM taking on the role of the bullion provider of last resort for physical bullion demands on the Comex.
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