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venerdì 2 ottobre 2015

Durden: La Russia sta destabilizzando la Syria .. dicono quelli che la destabilizzano da anni

Russia Is Destabilizing Syria… According To The People Currently Destabilizing Syria

(...) A primary criticism of Russia’s relationship with Syria is that arming Assad is an attempt to prolong the conflict and destroy the nation. U.S. pundits point fingers at Russia as if its allegiance with Syria is a new development without understanding the historical intricacies of the Russian-Syrian relationship. In contrast, many individuals complaining about Russia’s role in “destabilizing Syria” and “prolonging the conflict” do not apply the same scrutiny to the United States’ new-found interest in the country.
It is no secret the United States has armed, trained, and financed the Syrian rebels for nearly the entire duration of the conflict. Does this implicate the United States in prolonging the conflict? U.S.-backed fighters have consistently defected to ISIS and Al-Qaeda, transferring their battle experience and weaponry to virulent terrorist groups. When Al-Qaeda violently occupies villages and towns and ISIS fighters send scores of refugees fleeing for their lives, should the U.S. policy that caused such a catastrophe be questioned?
Critics concerned by what Russia is accused of doing — destabilizing Syria and prolonging the conflict— should be equally opposed to U.S. intervention in that country. U.S. intervention in Syria, much like U.S. intervention elsewhere, has culminated in unprecedented destabilization and blowback. (...) 

eh si, e' proprio cosi'. Della serie "adotta un neurone" a pieno titolo. O almeno studiati un minimo la storia. 

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