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domenica 27 settembre 2015

Silver Institute: I volumi di argento reciclato stagneranno nei prossimi 3 anni, anche nel caso di prezzi in rialzo

(September 9, 2015 – Washington, D.C.) The Silver Institute today released “Silver Scrap: The Forgotten Fundamental”.

Silver recycling is projected to decline to 178.0 Moz (5,536t) by 2017. This is 14% lower than the 2011 peak, as growth is only expected to average 3% a year, even if prices rally to over $20. This outlook is based on further losses in photographic scrap, a depleted pool of near-market silverware and a limited response from most industrial end-uses.

The study found that scrap from industrial sources is the largest segment, accounting for around half the total last year. A key finding was the low level of recovery from the vast majority of end-uses, as highly fragmented ownership and low silver contents often make recovery uneconomic. The main exception is the substantial and growing volumes coming from ethylene oxide (EO) catalysts.

Silverware is the second biggest source of silver scrap supply, with an 18% share of the 2014 total. This large slice was mainly ascribed to a sizable pool of product and a comparatively high value per piece. By contrast, silver jewelry recycling is modest, despite higher consumption today, as consumers appear to be content to hold on to a still fashionable metal and resale is less valuable.

The report notes that photographic scrap remains in marked structural decline as a lagged result of the digitally-led fall in its fabrication since a peak in the late 1990s. However, still sizable volumes of recycling of old x-rays helped this sector achieve 16% of the 2014 scrap total.

The West, in particular North America, dominates recycling today, with 53% of last year’s total. Chinese scrap was, however, noted to be growing fast, with its share on target for almost 20% by 2017, largely as a result of gains in industrial recycling.

Scarica gratis il report del Silver Institute sul reciclo QUI

La meta' dell'argento riciclato viene dai suoi usi industriali, un 18% dall'argenteria, un 16% dalle lastre dei raggi X, ecc... un sacco di argento non viene reciclato pero' perché anti-economico

Faccio notare che il riciclo (vedi la voce scrap nella tabella) valeva un 1/5 dell'offerta mondiale pochi anni fa ed e' in costante calo (mentre le produzioni minerarie erano in crescita notevole, almeno negli ultimi 10 anni e sino al 2014):

Notate anche la penultima riga, Bilancio Netto (fra domanda ed offerta) .. a me pare di vedere dei meno praticamente costanti .. e prezzi in calo da anni .. mah! 

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