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mercoledì 2 settembre 2015

Ilargi Meijer: Gli stati europei emettano biglietti ferroviari gratis per Bruxelles per ogni migrante

Carina questa di Ilargi Meijer di Atomatic Earth ripreso dai Tyler: perche' i singoli stati europei non emettono biglietti ferroviari gratis per tutti i migranti per Bruxelles? E visto che Strasburgo potrebbe avere da ridire sulla nozione che Bruxelles sia "la capitale" d'Europa magari una meta' li mandiamo li. 

It’s no use saying the EU should do something or another in the refugee crisis, because it won’t. And what it may do will always be way too late and way too little. It’s how it was structured. The EU is geared towards accumulating more power, not solving its own problems.
But at the same time, Brussels is still the only capital the EU hasAnd that’s why all refugees, wherever they are at the moment, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Macedonia, should be allowed to board trains, with enough humane facilities and provisions, bound for Brussels.
They should all be directed towards the European Parliament and/or other posh buildings – they recently opened a €1.2 billion one, that should facilitate a few refugees -, and stay there until the EU is forced to solve the issue.
And every single cameraman on the planet should be there to register what happens. How long they will be allowed to go without food, water and shelter. How long they will go without proper medical treatment.
Let’s see how Brussels deals with 50,000 -100,000 people in its streets and parks, with more coming every day, while the whole world is watching live on a hundred new channels.
And I know Strasbourg will want to dispute the claim that Brussels is the capital, and you know what?, I’m willing to send half of the refugees there too. Just so the French don’t feel left out or insultée or have their pride hurt.

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