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mercoledì 2 settembre 2015

Durden: Quintuplicata la quantita' di scambi in Rubli e Yuan rispetto ad un anno fa

Something is afoot as de-dollarization escalates around the world. With CNY/RUB trading volumes up a stunning 400% year-over-year to record highs, and hot on the heels of China's (and much of EM Asia) dumping dollar assets, Russian President Vladimir Putin has just unleashed a new bill aiming to completely eliminate the US dollar from the trade of goods.

comunque si tratta sempre, per ora, di cifre bel lontane dall'essere imponenti

CNY/RUB volume rose 4 times y/y to 18.4b yuan (193.3b rubles), highest since trading started at end-2010, Moscow Exchange says in statement on website.

Record daily trading was on Aug. 24 at 1.95b yuan

18 miliardi di Yuan saranno 3 miliardi di USD scarsi

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