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martedì 1 settembre 2015

Durden: La PBoC ora vuole un 20% di riserva per giocare sullo Yuan, depositato per un anno a tasso zero

La sede della PBoC, foto Bloomberg

Zero Hedge - China Takes "10 Steps Back," Slaps 20% Reserve Requirement On Currency Forwards
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/01/2015 07:44 -0400

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Overnight, China decided to take steps to reduce "macro financial risks."

And by that they mean "do something quick to help ease pressure on the yuan" and by extension, on the PBoC’s rapidly depleting FX reserves.

To that end, starting October 15 banks will have to hold the equivalent of 20% of clients' FX forward positions with the PBoC, where the money will sit, frozen, for a year, at 0% interest.

Obviously, that will drive up the cost of taking speculative positions which the PBoC hopes will help narrow the gap between onshore and offshore yuan and bring down volatility, although the degree to which this will help fill the CNY-CNH spread looks like an open question.

"It’s a move to ease the reduction in foreign-exchange reserves," Tommy Ong, managing director for treasury and markets at DBS Bank Hong Kong, tells Bloomberg. "It will also remove lots of speculative trades that aim at short-term gains as the reserves have a minimum lock-up period of one year," adds Stan Chart’s Becky Liu.

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