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mercoledì 26 agosto 2015

Video: The Wall Street Crash of 1929

Jesse consiglia la visione per intero di questo documentario sul Wall Street Crash del 1929, sorry per chi non capisce l'inglese.

Quanto alle martellate sui metalli preziosi di oggi e al frangente storico in cui viviamo:

Gold and silver fell somewhat to the campaign of managing perceptions, which sought to restore confidence in paper, and discourage just about every other alternative.

The dollar managed to rally a bit back up today. A stronger dollar is definitely not in the interests of the US economy, but it does favor the predatory financial class. And since they are 'in the driver's seat' of the markets these days, they bend them to their will as they may.

Forces backing the supremacy of US dollar based paper financial assets and decision making are fighting this trend towards economic and monetary alternatives in the rest of the world with all their power. So we are watching an historic, great drama unfolding.

The rise and decline of Empire are often not discernible to the participants at the time, and often tend to follow their own schedules, seemingly slow and then in great rushes of change that seemingly could not have possibly been foreseen.

And never forget this great truth that in the long timescale of monetary history, gold and silver are almost constants, but purely paper money is just a glimmer, a relative flash in the pan that is here, and then it is gone, with whatever passing regime of the day that may have fathered it.

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