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giovedì 13 agosto 2015

Jesse: Currency Wars will continue to play out slowly, probably for the remainder of this decade and a good part of the next

Jesse si rallegra che il fatto che siano in atto delle Guerre Valutarie sta diventanto mainstream dopo la/le mosse della PBoC sul cambio dello Yuan (curiosamente la cosa va mainstrean negli USA come da noi nello stesso momento)

Secondo Jesse le Guerre Valutarie andranno avanti per il resto di questa decade e buona parte delgi anni '20, questa è la news che vi volevo segnalare, che nessuno immagini che finiscano con l'estate o l'anno prossimo, queste sono cose che si trascinano fra colpi e contraccolpi per tempi ben più lunghi (la storia insegna .. a chi la studia davvero)

Jesse's Cafè Americain -

I am pleased that with these more overt actions by China that 'the currency war' is penetrating the consciousness of more people, even if they only see it as a short term event.

This is the kind of change that is seen only once in a generation or so, thank God. It is certainly nothing new if you are familiar with history in more than the comic book versions so often taught in schools.

And it will continue to play out slowly, probably for the remainder of this decade and a good part of the next.

The lack of reform in the financial system and the systematic gaming of public policy on behalf of the one percent and multinational corporations has, after a long period of stagnant wages and predatory usury, stripped the broader public of disposable income.

Low paying, part time service jobs are no fuel for a sustainable recovery, especially when it is clear that the gains from massive amounts of monetary stimulus and debt are flowing into the hands of a greedy few, the same hands that brought the economy low in the first place through their shameless deceptions.

Buying goods without income, money or affordable credit, if you will forgive the analogy, is like expecting people to make bricks without straw.

This is not a difficult concept to grasp. Look where all the money is, and where it is not, and then perhaps you will understand why things cannot continue on like this. And history has many examples of how this sort of thing might end.

But how can you quit when you are winning?

Exciting times are yet to come for the exceptional.

Maybe the popular music will get better.

Have a pleasant evening.

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