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lunedì 3 agosto 2015

Durden: Comex in bilico? Magazzini quasi svuotati e ben 124 once di carta per ogni oncia reale

Once d'oro fisico nei magazzini del COMEX, 2000-2015

Zero Hedge - Comex On The Edge? There Are Now A Record 124 Ounces Of Paper Gold For Every Ounce Of PhysicalSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 08/03/2015 
(...) Most importantly, this 25,386 oz reduction in deliverable Comex gold from 376,906 on Thursday pushed the amount of registered Comex gold to an all time low: at 351,519 ounces, or just barely over 10 tons, registered Comex gold has never been lower!

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  1. Secondo Jesse i Tyler esagerano ( :) )

    Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - Claims Per Ounce to New High of 121:1
    03 August 2015

    sono SOLO 121 once di carta per ogni oncia reale d'oro al comex