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venerdì 24 luglio 2015

Zeal: Absurd Gold Stock Levels. HUI charts 2003-2015

The Market Oracle - Absurd Gold Stock Levels
By Zeal_LLC - Jul 24, 2015

Gold stocks suffered a full-blown panic this past week! This exceedingly-rare magnitude of selloff was triggered by extreme futures shorting intentionally executed to force a flash crash in gold. After gold’s major multi-year support failed in this Machiavellian onslaught, gold stocks plummeted. The levels of fear were so epic that this entire sector was slammed much deeper into fundamentally-absurd price territory.

(...) The flagship gold-stock index is the NYSE Arca Gold BUGS Index, which is better known by its symbol HUI.

And the leading gold-stock ETF, the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF trading as GDX, tracks the HUI perfectly.

Both bear painful witness to the panic that just unfolded in this already-battered sector.

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Ecco lo HUI- NYSE ARCA GOLD BUGS INDEX dal 2000 ad oggi. 15 anni di quotazioni dell'indice dei miners, dal 1999 alla chiusura di oggi, venerdì 24 luglio 2015:

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