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giovedì 23 luglio 2015

RBC's Gero: Distortion in gold market

Questo di RBC parla di una risalita a 1230 per fine anno, per l'oro

George Gero, a precious metals strategist at RBC Capital Markets, lays some of the blame for gold's gap down on speculators in an interview on CNBC "Futures Now":

"With all the bears in the woods, everybody [being] bearish is probably the most enticing reason to start to pick at the market"
Gero said Monday's 2.2 percent selloff in gold was sparked by one large trade, rather than any sea change in the fundamentals.
"Somebody had to make the decision to be out of the market with that size trade, which distorted the markets," he said. "We will be going back in the next few months to basics."
Speaking ahead of Wednesday's weaker close Gero admitted he "would have to be worried if gold stayed below $1,100".
Gero has a price target of $1,230 an ounce by the end of the year, a 13% improvement from today's level.

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Sarebbe da controllare se RBC ha azioni di questo o quel miner ...


Anche secondo quest'altro ...


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