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giovedì 30 luglio 2015

Els: Le azioni Kinross salgono dopo i risultati

La miniera di Dvoinoye in Russia

Mining.com - Kinross shares soar ahead of results
Frik Els | July 29, 2015

(...) Gold production fell to 661,000 ounces during the quarter, but the company said it is on track to end 2015 at the higher end of its guidance for the year of 2.4 – 2.6 million ounces.

Production cost of sales decreased to $724 per ounces, down from $742 in Q2 2014, but all-in sustaining cost climbed to $1,011 per ounce sold, compared with $976 in Q2 2014.

For the rest of the year Kinross predicts results will come in at the low end of guidance for production cost of sales ($720 – $780) and all-in sustaining cost ($1,000 – $1,100), and below total capital expenditure guidance ($725 million).

(...) Net debt stands at $960.2 million with $250 million in senior notes due in 2016 and the only significant debt maturity until 2019 according to the company.
(...) Based on last year's numbers Kinross is the world's fifth largest gold producer in terms of output producing 2.71 million ounces of gold equivalent in 2014 with some 720,000 ounces coming from Russia.

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