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mercoledì 8 luglio 2015

Durden: Il mercato azionario cinese, in pieno panico, crolla del massimo giornaliero dal 2007, la PBoC promette liquidità di supporto

Bello questo paragone fra la bolla dot.com del 2000 con la bolla di borsa cinese che sta scoppiando in questi giorni presentata da Jesse


e intanto oggi ...
Zero Hedge - China Crashes Most Since 2007 Amid "Panic Sentiment"; Over Half Stocks Suspended, PBOC Promises "Liquidity Support"
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/07/2015

For a record 12th day in a row, Chinese margin debt balances have dropped with today's 8.5% collapse the largest in history.

As of last night, there were around 570/1694 Shenzhen stocks halted/suspended and hundreds more on the Shanghai bourse leaving more than 54% of all Chinese stocks frozen ($2.6 trillion or 40% of value).

China continues to try to manage leverage down (raising margin requirements on stock futures) while encouraging speculation (easing rules for insurers to buy blue chips and financing the purchase of smaller company shares directly) and CYNK'ing the entire market - if it's not open, you can't sell it and the price cannot fall! It's not working as CSI-300 futures are now down 7.9% in the preopen.

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