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martedì 26 maggio 2015

Jesse: Nessuno stupore, era giornata di scadenza delle opzioni per i contratti Oro di giugno

Il giorno sta per finire e avrete notato la caduta dei metalli (insieme a praticamente tutto negli USA a parte il Dolar Index). Ci da qualche lume Jesse:
June is a big, active month for gold on the Comex.

And today was the option expiration for the precious metal June contracts.

Le voilà, comme prévu.

What else might we have expected? Honesty? Price discovery? A market clearing price between users and suppliers?

There are no fundamentals in The Bucket Shop, just essentially full time market rigging with little to no product changing hands.

Like healthy nourishment in a snack cake, so there is still little to no recovery in The Recovery™.

And when the reckoning for this protracted folly and organized plunder finally comes, they will all be so amazed.

It is so very modern to think that things are just as we say they are, because we say so. And nowhere is this psychosis more apparent than in modern economics and money.

It is the ultimate tyranny of selfishness and egoism, and will last as long as the masters can keep extending their power and their will, crushing all dissent and all others in their path,

And then comes the downfall, the sickening plunge, and the moment of terrible lucidity when the music stops. And the illusion dies.

Have a pleasant evening.

"Certainly there were many others as reprehensible and irresponsible as those who played the leading roles. The German people were the victims. The battle, as one who survived it explained, left them dazed and inflation-shocked. They did not understand how it had happened to them, and who the foe was who had defeated them."

Adam Fergusson, When Money Dies: The Nightmare of the Weimar Collapse

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