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giovedì 9 aprile 2015

Durdens: La Svizzera è il primo paese al mondo a "pagare" tassi negativi anche sul suo debito a 10 anni

Evvaiiii! (/sarc). Dal Wall Street Journal :
The Alpine country sold a total of 377.9 million Swiss francs of bonds maturing in 2025 and 2049. On the 10-year slice, the yield was -0.055%, compared with 0.011% on its most recent similar bond two months ago.
In the post-issuance secondary market, Swiss bonds maturing up to 11 years in the future already trade with yields under 0%. (...)

In January, Switzerland’s central bank scrapped its upper limit on the value of the franc and cut deposit rates to -0.75%. Swiss bonds are likely to remain attractive to investors as long as yields stand above that level.

The combination of deflationary fears and aggressive central-bank action has caused investors to accept the reality of negative-yield bondssaid Jeffrey Sica, chief investment officer of U.S.-based Circle Squared Alternative Investments.
Wow. A queste condizioni quasi quasi mi indebiterei anch'io

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