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venerdì 19 dicembre 2014

Durden: "It's A Huge Crisis" - The UK Oil Industry Is "Close To Collapse"

Col petrolio a 50-55 usd al barile .. da Zero Hedge - "It's A Huge Crisis" - The UK Oil Industry Is "Close To Collapse"
In response to low oil prices, the Company plans to suspend its oil directed drilling activity in its Eagle Ford shale properties in South and East Texas and in the Tuscaloosa Marine shale in Mississippi. Comstock has released its rig in the Tuscaloosa Marine shale and will postpone its drilling activity there until oil prices improve.
Insomma, stop alle perforazioni in cerca di altro shale. E intanto, in UK ...
So with great delight we present the latest blowback from Obama's "brilliant" strategy to cripple Putin: in addition to the default wave about to crush America's own shale industry, America's biggest foreign ally and military partner when it comes to "ideologically pure missions of liberation" - the UK, and specifically its North Sea oil industry which according to the BBC is in a "crisis" and according to Robin Allan, chairman of the independent explorers' assobbcciation Brindex, the industry was "close to collapse".

The story is the same as in the shale patch, only in the far colder and stormier North Sea: "Almost no new projects in the North Sea are profitable with oil below $60 a barrel, he claims. 'Everyone is retreating'"

"It's almost impossible to make money at these oil prices", Mr Allan, who is a director of Premier Oil in addition to chairing Brindex, told the BBC. "It's a huge crisis." ....

.. nessun progetto di estrazione nel mare del nord puo' generare profitti col petrolio quotato sotto i 60 usd al barile. E' una immensa crisi per questo settore ..

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